From the encoding of heritable information in DNA to empowering precision biomedicine to enabling cutting-edge discoveries in the marine sciences, the students and faculty of the BiRG lab use the tools of machine learning and biologically-inspired algorithms to explore a broad range of scientific questions. We specialize in solving data intensive problems in the life sciences. Ongoing projects span the broad areas of projects bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, data science, computational biology, marine biology, organismal biology, and molecular evolution.

Sample Projects and Classes



DATA441/442 Capstone in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Captone

Machine Learning in Cancer Subtyping

SRI Overview

Strategic Initiative in Data Science

Regenerative Tunicate Draft Hybrid Genome

Computational Molecular Biology Center - Frost Building

Are you interested in data-driven next-generation genomics, bioinformatics, or data science? Are you a biologist, computer scientist, mathematician, bioinformatician, data scientist, or biochemist interested in the discovery only possible through interdisciplinary collaboration? Are you interested in joining and leading interdisciplinary teams as we work together to study genome biology, molecular evolution, and the computational approaches and algorithms necessary for big data genomic analysis.

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